As plausible as panspermia might be, the concept of aliens as an explanation for our origins just seems to be kicking the can down the intergalactic highway. Where did THEY come from? Are they intergalactic or interdimensionary?

Why are they such a popular topic now? Are we being merely distracted? Or are we being conditioned to accept them as our ultimate enemy or conversely, as our 'saviour'.
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While the existence and influence of aliens would explain a lot, it's a bit like kicking the can down the road. If we came from aliens, where did the aliens come from? We are back to a created or accidental reality. It's almost like a diversion really.

Personally, I'm a little suspicious about any diversion that is being given so much airtime. Suddenly there are a multitude of television shows out there and governments all over the world are 'reluctantly' releasing their classified files. Are we being told to look in this direction for a reason? Forgive my tinfoil hat, but why? Are we being pre-conditioned for a planned paradigm shift?

Where do the aliens come from? Are they actually intergalactic or are they interdimensionary?

Again, maybe this is just the aluminum headgear talking, but why the huge emphasis on aliens in recent years? Are we being set up for mankind to have a common enemy? If so, why? Is it a part of a plan for global governance?

Conversely, will we be told that alien life seeded the planet and that they are returning to 'advance' us? Are we being conditioned so that we receive aliens as the saviour of mankind? If so, why? As a diversion from our actual saviour?

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