Why Jesus, when there are so many other religious figures in the world?

Jesus was different than the rest. He was only in the public eye for a few short years. He had no political power. He was seemingly vanquished by His enemies, and yet no one else in history has made such an impact on the world.

This isn't where I personally started out, but the worldview involving Jesus checks more logical boxes.

Let's refresh our memory as to why...
JEsus is my god

As you know, this choice involves consequences. If there is an eternity, that's how long we have to live with our decision. It would seem obvious to have this choice be an informed and thoughtful one.

We cannot just accept the stories of our parents. They mean well and they obviously want the best for us, but that does not make them infallible. As a rational individual, you want your worldview to be accurate, not merely traditional. You need to be able to believe in it with your heart AND your mind. Legends and stories are a wonderful part of our heritage, but the paradigm that you live by today should line up with what we know... today. You in no way dishonour your ancestors by moving forward as true science progresses.  

Contrary to what I had been taught, I ended up with a relationship with God through Jesus as my working paradigm. This was diametrically opposed to the undirected, spontaneously-created worldview I started from. Needless to say, it took me far out of my comfort zone. However, as I continued to investigate, I found that this paradigm checked more boxes and answered more questions than any other. It was, in essence, the shortest leap of faith.

Let's just review why we might say...

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