There is no absolute truth!
When you say that there is no absolute truth, is that the absolute truth?

If you contend that truth is relative, is that also a relative truth?

Obviously, these two statements are self-defeating. Logically, there can only be one truth and it's called reality. I fully support the right for a person to believe in any paradigm they deem reasonable, as long as that paradigm also confers the same right upon others.

I just think we need to remind ourselves that our beliefs will not alter that reality when the two meet head on.
Jesus was just a moral teacherWhy would jesus be the 'truth'?

This is where we run into a lot of problems. We do not want to seem narrow minded or judgemental, so we try to  allow that everyone can have their own 'truth'.

A math teacher is not considered narrow minded or judgemental for insisting on the truth of 2+2=4 and I don't think we should compromise the concept of reality either. Obviously no one knows empirically and we need to protect everyone's right to their opinion. However, we need to acknowledge that in the end, some opinions will turn out to be accurate and some will not. Otherwise, we fall into intellectual laziness. After all, there is no pressing need to search for THE truth, when any truth will do.

It would be great if every answer were correct, but if we are honest and logical with ourselves, we know it just ain't so...

Jesus was just a moral teacherWhy would jesus be the 'truth'? Patreon