In this age old conundrum, our existential question is really being asked.
Why is it important, right now? You need to be fully aware of a momentous decision that you have already made. That decision will have been based on your understanding of our origins.
How did we (and those eggs) get here?
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THROUGH EVOLUTIONARY PROCESSES aloneALIENS SEEDED THE PLANETBY A GOD OR DEITYthis is a digital simulationguessing: 50/50 chance, right?

This is a question that goes way back... Where would the first egg have come from? Who was keeping it cozy until it hatched?

Right now you are examining your basis for reality. Do you know the answer? Do you have confidence that your answer is correct? Do you realize the far-reaching consequences if it is not?

Evolution did itlittle grey men did it  god did it  this is a digital simulationguessing: 50/50 chance, right? Patreon