Big Bang
If all space, time and matter came into existence from nothing at a point in the distant past, what caused it? The force that caused it cannot be, by definition, spatial, temporal, material, or caused itself.

Which best explains a universe that appears fine-tuned, contains consciousness, free agency and objective moral truths, an impersonal or personal force?

A personal force that is uncaused and exists outside of time and space is a pretty good description of God. Even if you are firmly encamped in the Big Bang, is it good science to arbitrarily rule out a 'Big Banger'?
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Rejecting a hypothesis without examining the evidence does not render that hypothesis false. Current evidence shows that what we see today would have had an overwhelmingly difficult time happening without a creator (or aliens?), to make it happen.

If the Big Bang (or some permutation of it), is true, it would make sense that a force set it in motion. Remember, there is much about current cosmology that is theoretical. There is much about God that is not. (There are scientific, historical and archeological facts that support His existence.) Have you researched any of those facts, or have you just rejected God as an abstract concept without any actual effort?

If you leave your comfort zone and objectively do the research, you will understand that the Big Bang is not the only rational or 'scientific' viewpoint. Every explanation of origins comes up against some presently unexplainable facts and requires us to believe in a theoretical construct of some description.

Belief in the unobserved is still faith, even if you dress it up in a lab coat.

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