You got 30 seconds...
Most of us have largely accepted consensus viewpoints without a conscious effort on our part to examine any alternatives. We need to remember that consensus has been found wrong in the past. Consensus is not truth, it is merely agreement. 

When I began to research this topic, I was amazed at the amount of scientific evidence that is available, yet virtually ignored because it does not suit the prevailing paradigm.

I believe that we owe it to ourselves to explore potential explanations before rejecting them, especially when we are literally betting our lives on the outcome.

I know I only have thirty seconds so here's the pitch: I left what I thought was the rational, thinking person's naturalistic viewpoint to discover that a personal God may well be the most logically defensible position.

I challenge you, as a rational, thinking person, to actively consider this alternative before you reject it. In doing so, you will need to drop your prejudices and honestly examine the evidence. (It's much harder than you imagine.)

I am a fallible human being, I may well be wrong. I am not laying claim to any special lock on truth or new revelation from on high. You may look at this information (and hopefully much more than this, from others far more intelligent than I am), and come to a different conclusion. The purpose of this site is to encourage people to research a topic with possibly eternal consequences and to make their own cogent, independent choices.

We get so tied up in the minutia of life that we forget the big questions. We need to take some time out to search for the big answers. We need answers that we can both live, and die, with.
Current scientific research has finally eliminated the need for a deity, let's not go backwards  since we now have the facts regarding our arrival here, why should we ignore them for a leap of faith solution?i am reasonably sure that god does not exist and that i am merely a biological entity. why should i consider the unlikely idea that i have a soul?even if i were to explore the possibility of the existence of god, where would i start and why? There are so many choices available...okay, Tell me what you're thinking...Thanks but no thanks... Patreon