Give me Aliens
It begs the question and the answer has consequences.... How did we (and the aliens for that matter), get here?

An accident is mathematically improbable... and many people are reluctant to accept the idea of God.
I believe evolutionary forces are responsiblewhy would you say it's Mathematically improbable?what consequences?why should i believe that god did it?

It certainly does seem to help with some of the answers. But, as we observed, it also begs the question. Where did the aliens come from?

We are brought back to a question of a created or accidental reality. I believe it is our fundamental purpose to investigate and determine, to the best of our ability, which of these options is correct.

If the universe is accidental, we need to just be good to one another and try to get along until our dirt nap time.

If the universe was created, we need to know by whom and discover what, if anything, is expected of us. Ignoring the creator of the universe could have serious consequences.

the big bang theory explains all of thiswhy would you say that it's Mathematically improbable?what consequences?why should I believe that god is responsible? Patreon