So lets discuss this god your parents told you about. What do you know about God that distinguishes him from Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy? (Your parents told you a lot of things over the years...)

Where to put your faith is a very personal decision and should be made with both your heart and your mind. With no disrespect to your parents, it is a life-determining decision that you (and you alone), are responsible for.

In examining belief systems, we come to a major fork in the theological road.

The road travelled by most of the world's religions consists of man's attempts to reconcile to God. Whether by performing rituals, doing good works, or by self denial, man attempts with his own efforts to be acceptable to a 'higher power'. 

The other fork follows a radically different direction. On this road, God offered Himself to make us acceptable.

In what direction did your parents lead you?
not towards jesusTowards JEsus

Just because it's tradition is no reason to assume that something is right or wrong, but you need to make sure. You should examine your faith and make sure that it stands up objectively. Use both your heart and mind, so that you can bring your intelligence and logic to the table.

Imagine for a moment that you were born a ________. (Insert a cult that you feel is horribly wrong in the blank). If you never did any research and followed your belief blindly, how would you know any different? Don't ever be afraid to question your beliefs, the truth will thrive and survive in any amount of light you shine on it.

I would like to be warm, fuzzy and wonderfully inclusive here, telling you that any god you believe in will work. That we are all headed for the same destination, just taking different paths. That we all have our own version of truth.

Unfortunately, that would be a warm, fuzzy and wonderfully inclusive lie. Truth is by definition, reality. What is, is. God will not magically morph to suit your interpretation of Him once you die. You will either be right or wrong, and it is up to you to make the most informed choice possible.

So... based on your parent's guidance, where do you currently stand on this question?

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